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Who is Anne of Green Gables?

Who is Anne of Green Gables?

Not familiar?

Let us help with some fast facts about Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud, and the books.

Who is Anne of Green Gables?

  • Anne Shirley is the main character in the fictional novel that was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908.
  • The novel tells the story of precocious Anne Shirley, an orphan, who is sent to live on a farm in Cavendish, PE.
  • The story takes place in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island where author Lucy Maud lived with her grandmother after her mother passed away when she was just a young girl.
  • The story is fictional but is based on real places and people that LM Montgomery experienced while living on the Island.

Background of Lucy Maud Montgomery 

  • Lucy Maud was an only child and went to live with her grandparents in Cavendish after her mother passed away when she was a baby.
  • She often spent time playing with her cousins at their family farm in Park Corner named Silver Bush.
  • At the age of nine she began writing poetry and later went on to become a teacher.
  • In 1905 she wrote her most famous novel: Anne of Green Gables. It was rejected by publishing houses several times before becoming published in 1908. It immediately became a best seller and was the starting point to LM Montgomery’s career as an author.
  • She went on to write 20 novels with all of them being set in Prince Edward Island with the exception of one.

Facts about Anne of Green Gables

  • The book has sold an estimated 50 million copies and has been translated into more than 36 different languages.
  • People come from all over the world to visit Prince Edward Island and especially the Green Gables Heritage House located in Cavendish.
  • Anne of Green Gables is part of the Japanese school curriculum and many Japanese come to visit the Island during the summer months.

Green Gables Heritage Place

  • Parks Canada has restored the original Green Gables farmhouse and has made it a National Historic Site where visitors can tour the house and the surrounding woods that are also mentioned in LM Montgomery’s novels.
  • Visitors can even meet Anne herself, portrayed by an actress.

Silver Bush

  • The original Campbell home that housed LM Montgomery’s cousins in Park Corner, Prince Edward Island is now home to the Anne of Green Gables Museum.
  • On the property guests will find the museum, beautiful flower gardens, a gift shop, a view of the Lake of Shining Waters, a playground for children, and Matthew’s Carriage Rides.
  • Guests can take a carriage ride where they will view the Lake of Shining Waters and drive through the beautiful flower gardens and around the property.

Our Tours Featuring Anne of Green Gables

  •  We offer a variety of tours for Anne fans of all ages. Our tours stop at both Green Gables Heritage House and the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush.
  • Our Anne of Green Gables Adventure Private Tour is for the ultimate Anne fan. This five-hour tour visits both the Anne of Green Gables Museum and the Green Gables Heritage House as well as a photo stop at Montgomery’s birthplace in New London.
  • Our Island Scenic Drive and Anne of Green Gables Private Tour is a four-hour tour which visits the Green Gables Heritage House as well as Cavendish Beach.
  • See our full tour line up with lots of fun and exciting PEI itineraries by clicking HERE.

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