John Dunphy - President - Target Tours Atlantic John Dunphy - President - Target Tours Atlantic

John Dunphy – President

"Happiness for me is being at the wheel of a 45 foot motor coach on the open road. The smiles on the faces of our passengers when they see their travel dream come true is the real reason I am in the travel business."

John has spent over two decades in the travel industry with The Travel Store (Island Travel). In 2009, he created Target Tours and built on his passion for motor coaches. Working from a home office in Morell, PEI, John and his wife, Lynn develop coach tours for the Maritime market.

From simple day tours on PEI to more extensive tours to Amish Country, attention to detail and organization combine for a memorable travel experience. John will act as Tour Directors for some of his favourite tours such as NASCAR and Europe.

As well as planning tours, John sometimes drives a motor coach. Whether it is taking the short three or four day trips, helping with the driving on longer tours, or driving locally for Coach Atlantic, John finds that true happiness is being on the open road.

John and Lynn have two daughters, Sarah and Lindsay.