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Receiver Coffee Company

Receiver Coffee Company

We are very proud to work with our friends at Receiver Coffee Company to provide all of our Private Tours guests who choose tours longer than 4 hours with their delicious freshly made muffins while on tour.

Their muffins are made from organic flour from Milanaise (Quebec), organic oats from Crystal Green (PEI) or Speerville (NB), organic spices sourced and sold by The Turning Leaf (PEI), and organic nuts and seeds sourced and supplied by Dolphin (NB). The berries and apples used in the flavors also come from local sources and the chocolate, while not local, is organic.

When possible, we try to ensure muffins are available for our guests but in rare situations we may substitute with one of their other delicious treats like cookies or monkey bread. Don’t worry though, it’s all yummy and fresh!

Thanks to their super convenient locations, one on Victoria Row (Receiver Coffee Shop) and one on Water Street near the Port of Charlottetown (Receiver Brass Shop), they are easy to access and ensure the treats we pick up are freshly baked.

Even if you don’t choose to travel with us, you should make a point to visit one of the Receiver Coffee Company locations during your stay on PEI. Their coffee is excellent, their food is fresh, and their staff is friendly. It’s a must-do when visiting Charlottetown, PEI.

Please note that the kitchen at Receiver is not a gluten-free or nut-free facility. When made aware in advance of your tour, we will provide an alternate snack option for gluten-sensitive, celiac, or other various allergies.