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Getting to know us – Kevin McNeil, Driver-Guide

Getting to know us – Kevin McNeil, Driver-Guide

You may have read their bios but we feel like it’s about time you REALLY got to know our Driver-Guides.

Fourth in our series is Driver – Guide:

Kevin McNeil

What is your favorite stop when you tour guests around PEI? Why?

The team at the Great Canadian Soap Company

It is difficult to pinpoint a particular stop as it continually changes for me with each tour. If I have a young family or individuals who love animals, my favourite stop that day may be “The Great Canadian Soap Factory” with the goats. If my guests are looking for those perfect scenic photos, then my favourite stop may be “The Bluffs” or “Orby Head” on the north shore not only for the red cliffs and shoreline but maybe to catch a photo of the cormorant birds nestled in the cliffs.

How do you make your tours special?

The more I learn about our travellers to the Island, the more I can relate to many of them as if they were my own family. Getting away on vacation, most times with family and friends, is all about creating memories. If I am able to add a small part to their experience when they are here, I consider it a privilege. Sometimes it’s the little things we can to do to welcome our visitors and acknowledge how much we truly appreciate spending a few hours with them to highlight some of the beauty of the island.

At Dalvay by the Sea

When you’re not guiding in the summers, where can we find you?

I grew up by the ocean in Cape Breton and as a child the shoreline was my playground. When my wife and I are not travelling to visit our children in Alberta or Nova Scotia, you will most likely find me scouring the endless shorelines of PEI searching for that perfect, unusual piece of “sea glass”. Visiting and supporting many of the small Island theatres and enjoying dinner at a new restaurant are always on the top of our list as well, during the summer months.

What hidden gem on PEI do you wish you could show to more guests? Why?

Greenwhich National Park

Visiting the area of St Peters Bay and walking Greenwich beach in the National Park. The mussel farms within the Bay that you see from the look off point to the artisan shops you may visit, all add to this little scenic community. Walking the boardwalk in Greenwich that stretches over the marshes and grass, or enjoying a walk on the beach not realizing how far you have actually gone along the beautiful north shore.

Where is your favorite spot to eat on Prince Edward Island? Why?

Richard’s in Covehead

I have a couple, they are both seasonal which makes them more special as most Islanders wait in anticipation for opening day early summer. “Richards” in Covehead is well noted for their breaded fish and chips and if your lucky to find a table on the upper deck which overlooks the harbor, the calm water and gorgeous sunsets certainly add to the evening. “Blue Mussel Cafe” in North Rustico seems to be on everyone’s bucket list to try this summer, whether you are a fan of seafood or not. Their menu offers something for everyone. My favorite is their “Seafood Bubbly Bake”.

Why do you choose to guide with Target Tours Atlantic?

Describing the fishing industry in North Rustico

I’ve always enjoyed people and what better job to have where you are able to meet folks from all over the world, their families, hear their stories and learn why they chose Prince Edward Island as their vacation destination. Target Tours Atlantic has a team of professionals led by the owners, John and Lynn, who both demonstrate and share their enthusiasm for tourism.

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