Getting to know us - Jack DesRoches, Driver-Guide - Target Tours Atlantic Getting to know us - Jack DesRoches, Driver-Guide - Target Tours Atlantic

Getting to know us – Jack DesRoches, Driver-Guide

Getting to know us – Jack DesRoches, Driver-Guide

You may have read their bios but we feel like it’s about time you REALLY got to know our Driver-Guides.

Third in our series is Private Driver – Guide:

Jack DesRoches

What is your favorite stop when you tour guests around PEI? Why?

Image result for the dunes pei

The Dunes

Favorite stops are The Dunes and The PEI Preserves Company. The Dunes is such an eclectic and unique location with the beautiful pottery, Island art gallery, gardens, Indonesian relics, clothing, jewelry, and a fantastic lookout view. PEI Preserves has a production viewing portal, tasting bar, tea samples, great gift shop, and restaurant as well as the beautiful gardens and butterfly house.

How do you make your tours special?

I attempt to add as many personal touches as I can to all of my tours and for all of my tour guests by giving them as much information as I can about the economy (agriculture, tourism, fishing, federal & provincial government services). I also describe each stop in the right amount of detail to make it interesting and informative.

When you’re not guiding in the summers, where can we find you?

When I’m not touring there is a good chance you will find me on the golf course or attending one of the many musical events we have on PEI during the summer. I also love traveling to new places with my wife.

What hidden gem on PEI do you wish you could show to more guests? Why?

A Hidden Gem is (South) Rustico. So much Acadian history here. The Acadian’s were the first European settlers on PEI. This stop is also a great location to talk about the mussel and oyster industries.

Where is your favorite spot to eat on Prince Edward Island? Why?

Enjoying some preserve at the PEI Preserve Company

There are so many great places to eat on PEI that it is hard to pick a favorite. Some of the best are: Water Prince Corner Shop, PEI Preserves, Carr’s Seafood and Glasgow Hills Golf Course.

Why do you choose to guide with Target Tours Atlantic?

I love the teamwork and the team we have at Target Tours Atlantic. Just a great group of people to work with. Always trying new things and open to new ideas.

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