Getting to know us - Duncan Conrad, Driver-Guide - Target Tours Atlantic Getting to know us - Duncan Conrad, Driver-Guide - Target Tours Atlantic

Getting to know us – Duncan Conrad, Driver-Guide

Getting to know us – Duncan Conrad, Driver-Guide

You may have read their bios but we feel like it’s about time you REALLY got to know our Driver-Guides.

First up in our series is the most experienced Private Driver-Guide:

Duncan Conrad.

What is your favorite stop when you tour guests around PEI? Why?

The Bluffs in Cavendish

The Island is like a patch work quilt. It is difficult to select one part of a beautiful whole. If I were to pick a stop it would be at The Bluffs in the National Park. A combination of the best scenery the Island has to offer, history surrounding our seafaring days, the sea which is the fishing grounds for our lobster fishery and one of the the most amazing environmental miracles: our sand dunes. A must see and experience.

How do you make your tours special?

Time for a lobster trap demo!

Connection to the client is the first priority in making a tour special. Our Tour Coordinators in our main office set the stage and our clients tell us that. They provide us with all the details to get the tour off on the right foot. The first part is learning and remembering all my guest names. Reviewing in detail the agreed tour and ensuring they know we can be as flexible as the booked time allows for. Then engaging them with stories, history, and interesting facts on the Island way of life.

When you’re not guiding in the summers, where can we find you?

This Island is a social, cultural and sport Mecca. When I’m not guiding, my wife and I like to attend live theatre and cultural events. I enjoy my golf membership and time at our cottage on the north shore. My other passion is giving back to the community and I do that through my volunteer involvement in Rotary International where I have served as District Governor and in other senior positions at the international level.

What hidden gem on PEI do you wish you could show to more guests? Why?

Teacup Rock at Thunder Cove Beach

The tea cup in Thunder Cove is one hidden gem and the other is the Cape Tryon Lighthouse. Both unique but both difficult to get to safely with guests.

Where is your favorite spot to eat on Prince Edward Island? Why?

Carr’s Oyster Bar

I have two favourite spots. The PEI Preserve Company for great local food with an Island twist in a beautiful setting with a great story behind it and at a reasonable price. No one ever leaves there disappointed. Sometimes though folks just want shellfish and there is no better place for that than Carr’s Oyster Bar (Stanley Bridge). Great fresh shell fish, in a setting over looking Stanley River with oysters harvested fresh from their own beds. Want seafood , this is the place.

Why do you choose to guide with Target Tours Atlantic?



Having built a very  successful private tour guide business (Duncan’s Island Tours) which I sold to Target Tours Atlantic this year (2018) I wanted to continue  sharing my passion for guiding and to help Target Tours Atlantic continue to grow the brand which I had built over the past 12 years. A great combination of working with a strong dedicated team and being able to continue doing what I love: sharing this Island.

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