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Cruise Critic

Looking to share a tour with your fellow cruise passengers?


Cruise Critic is a great way to get in contact with fellow passengers that will be traveling on the same cruise ship as you. This site has been used by our past tour clients to find those who are looking to share an excursion.

You can post and or search a “Roll Call”. This is an open base of communication created to bring cruise ship guests together. You are able to post a forum asking if anyone from the cruise you are traveling on is interested in sharing the cost and adventure of a tour on one of your onshore destinations.

What is a Roll Call?

They are discussion forums where you can communicate with other Cruise Critic members on the same cruise ship before you are to sail. A Roll Call forum is the place where you can get to know one another before you sail, and exchange tips and information.

How do I start a Roll Call?

To create a Roll Call you must first be signed into Cruise Critic. You can create an account my clicking on the Login button on the top right corner of the Cruise Critic page.

  • Click Roll Call on the Cruise Critic web page 
  • Click the Ship’s or Cruise Line’s name to open the correct forum
  • Double check there is no previous Roll Calls for the topic you wish to discuss
  • Click Start New Topic at the top of the ship’s roll call forum.
  •  In the title section of the page type the name of your ship, your sail date and year.
    • When you create a new Roll Calls, you have to include the subject line and sail date,
  • Enter your discussion in the message box, then click submit
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your roll call forum to be entered into the roll call finder.
  • If you have any issues please email [email protected]

How do I find a Roll Call?

  • First click on the Roll Call Finder tool
  • Pick the date and ship you will be sailing on
  • Then click View Discussion to take you to page of the existing Roll Call topic.
  • Join the discussion by using the Reply to this Topic button and begin typing your reply.

How do I follow a Roll Call?

  • Click the Follow button at the top of the topic
  • Then choose how you would like to be alerted:   
    • One email per week with all new content from that week
    • Let others see that I follow this
    • One email per day with all new content from that day
    • Do not send me any notifications
  • Save preferred choices by clicking the Follow button at the bottom of the list.

Many lasting friendships between cruise ship passengers have been made by connecting through Cruise Critic.


Target Tours Atlantic is not affiliated with Cruise Critic in any capacity. We provide these details for information purposes and are unable to provide additional guidance or help with the site. For assistance please contact Cruise Critic using the following link: