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About Us

Target Tours Atlantic is a branch of Target Tours, a Group Tour Operator that began in 2009 by owners John and Lynn Dunphy. The following is an excerpt from the “About Us” Section of TargetTours.ca as written by John Dunphy:

John & Lynn Dunphy, Owners of Target Tours Atlantic

“In 2006, while organizing a NASCAR Tour to New Hampshire, I decided to get my license to drive a motorcoach. This move proved prophetic and it was what some people call an “Aha!” moment. As I disembarked the bus after a great day of travelling, I reflected on all the smiling faces of the passengers who had just had a lifelong dream come true, or strangers who were now friends. It felt like a privilege to be part of this experience, let alone have it be my job. It didn’t take long for me to realize that group/bus travel is unlike any other type of travel and I wanted to share this passion with more and more people.

With that experience in mind, the support of my family, and a blind leap of faith, I started the company you see today, Target Tours, in 2009. Looking back on that time, the transition from an office job to starting a company was not always a smooth one. I learned a lot and sometimes the path to success felt more like a roller-coaster than a ladder but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Group travel allows like-minded people to discover a new destination, or a destination in a new way, together in the safety of a group. This enriches their lives and makes the world feel a little smaller. Most importantly, people need to laugh and have fun and group travel ensures both of those things.” Read more HERE.

After several years developing group tours departing from the Maritimes of Canada, the Target Tours team started assisting groups who were visiting the Maritimes in 2015. The service of assisting visiting groups to the Maritimes was a natural progression from sending groups away as the level of detail and knowledge of destination is equally as important.

In 2015, Target Tours acquired Capture The Spirit tour service that provided several Step-On Guided tours to groups visiting Prince Edward Island and in 2017 they acquired Hayward Guide Services who operated in the same field. These two acquisitions led Target Tours to be the largest guide and full-service tour provider on Prince Edward Island.

Target Tours now operates as a full-service tour operator in Atlantic Canada. They provide everything from guide services to full tour planning for the four Maritime provinces: Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador. Target Tours has rebranded this wing of the business to “Target Tours Atlantic” to add clarity of the difference between the two brands.

As this branch of the company continues to grow, services such as private tours, multi-day tours, and shore excursions have been added to assist groups from  4 to 100+ people looking to visit Atlantic Canada.

So what does this all mean? If you have a group of 4 or more looking to visit one or all four provinces in Atlantic Canada Target Tours Atlantic can assist!

The vision of Target Tours is to deliver experiences for us to discover the world and for the world to discover us.


Explore Target Tours, our Tour Operator branch that takes passengers from Atlantic Canada to exciting group vacations in North America, Europe and more!

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